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The Parrot Sanctuary ZA

Why Help US?

Because our Parrots deserve the best we can give them.

Our Parrots come from all walks of life. Some have been abused, some have been abandoned, some have been found and some have been surrendered with much heart break but they have all found their forever home with us.

When You Donate!

You will help us feed our parrots. We feed a complete and wholegrain diet manufactured by our vet with additional fruits and vegetables.

​You will help us to make toys for them to play with.

​You will help us with our aim to build new aviaries and bird room.

You can sponsor a parrot on a monthly basis. ​You will get a Sponsorship Certificate and a quarterly update on your bird.
You can choose from some of the babies on our website who still need that special someone as a sponsor.

A big Thank You in advance for any donations that we receive. Your generosity is truly appreciated.