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The Parrot Sanctuary Trust

The Parrot Sanctuary has been going for nearly eight years and has been registered as a non-profit Trust since August 2012. We run a rescue program for ill, lost, mistreated, abused and unwanted companion birds.

We are home to over 100 parrots, farm birds and other animals.

With so many beaks and mouths to feed we are always looking for assistance either in monetary form or in donations of food, cages, toys and perches. Parrots are very destructive creatures and they love to chew so we go through an enormous amount of toys and perches. We even make our own toys and resurrect old toys that have been donated!

With your help we can continue to feed our birds and animals.

Any donation you make will be gratefully accepted as it means we can continue to feed our parrots and animals for another month.