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The Place of Restoration Trust

The Place of Restoration Trust was registered in 1992 and functioned as a place of safety for orphaned, abused and vulnerable children. The perceived immediate solution to the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in institutional care, but research has shown that long term care can have negative outcomes for children placed in institutions. For this reason, GCF implemented the 'Give a Child a Family Foster Care Programme' in 2002. Efforts are made to reunite children with family or extended family. Should it not be in the best interest of a child to be back with the family from which they were removed, a Foster Care Programme is implemented which recruits, screens and trains prospective foster parents to ensure that the children have safe and secure families to be placed into once they are ready to be reunited or reintegrated. GCF’s family strengthening programme provides support to families and children for at least two years after placement to ensure the placement is successful. For 25 years, we have worked with over 80 000 children in our centre and community to ensure that they are safe, secure and loved.

Give a Child a Family works in all the neighbouring and some far communities. These communities include but are not limited to Mthwalume, Hibberdene, Umzumbe, Port Shepstone, Murchison, Ezingolweni, Betarnia, Gamalakhe, Oslo Beach, Shelly to Margate, Kwanzimakwe, Mvutshini, Nositha etc. Our primary beneficiaries are vulnerable, orphaned and all children deemed as “at-risk”. We take care of children of all races although 90% of our beneficiaries are black.
Our secondary beneficiaries are vulnerable families. We do preventative work with families that have been marked as vulnerable. This means situations within the family could cause children to be removed. We provide training and all relevant support in order to prevent the removal of children. We do this because we believe that all children should be in secure and safe families.