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The Potters Haven

We have had about 80 children through this house and have a success rate of 90% because most of these abused and abundant children are healed, have their own families and take care of them , they make a difference in
Society we also reach out to other needs in our Society so that they could heal and fit into Society, are educated and make a difference in the Society where they stay or in the world. We believe in overcoming abuse
Gods way and I am also director for SA GlobalGoirl overcoming abuse against women /men / children. We stand up against abuse against babies and children and have been doing this for the last 10 years but we battle with funding we only receive a small grant portion for 7 children and the rest of place of safety so we have to carry all cost and as you know court cases could drag for ages......and the grant is not enough to pay their registration fees obtain new school clothing because I want them to know they are loved and deserve just the best. Please consider to join hands they are all awesome angels of God.