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The Preeva Foundation NPC

The Preeva Foundation NPC

90% of students do not attend university in South Africa. There are many reasons for this including poverty, violence and inequality leftover from apartheid over 25 years ago.

Preeva Foundation is allowing people from all over the world to invest in these students and give them a chance to become the first generation in their family to attend university.

The year long program helps students choose a path and prepares them for the challenge on university. Our 100% success rate since 2015 has seen over 200 students qualify for university.

Program costs per student:

~EUR 325.00

Our fundraising goal for 2020 is R1 050 000.00 to create 200 more heroes of the future.

Donations cover:

- Psychosocial support
- Min 21 Hours of contact time and tutoring
- All university application fees
- National benchmark test fees and transport
- Stationary budget

This campaign is also raising funds to develop software that will enable donors from around the world to support this cause. The software and app will allow anyone to sponsor one or more individual students and follow their journeys from the township to university.

The live updates and notifications is a new concept when it comes to donating and is a new level of transparency. By building this software, we will be able to use support from around the globe to help thousands of students receive quality education.

Once we have developed this software, we will scale our program to other countries in context of war and severe inequality and partner with other international NGO's to grow the concept of donation tracking via our app.