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The Preeva Foundation NPC

The Preeva Foundation NPC

By donating to the Preeva Foundation, you are helping South African students have the opportunity to break their cycle of poverty through equal education.

We provide students with all the support needed in order to qualify for university and successfully transition from school to tertiary studies. This includes:

- Weekly individual tutoring and mentoring throughout the year
- Covering fees for all applications for benchmark tests and university
- Helping students apply for several universities and courses based on their interest and ability
- Connecting students with bursary and scholarship partners who will cover their university fees.

The year-long program costs R5000.00 per student and we have had a 100% success rate since 2015 with over 50 students successfully transitioning from school to university.

Sponsors can choose to give any amount to support the cause or fully cover 1 or several students either as an individual or group.

Individuals or groups who sponsor 1 or more students will qualify for the use of our mobile app, which provides sponsors with regular updates on the progress of the student(s) being sponsored.