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The Preeva Foundation NPC

The Preeva Foundation NPC

Your donation will go directly into providing non-fee paying students in South Africa with valuable tutoring. This tutoring helps them progress through the education system and break their cycle of poverty.

If you make a donation of R1000.00 or more, you get a donor account on the Preeva app. Through the app, you will be able to monitor where every cent of your donation goes and monitor the students who directly benefit from your donation.

Tutoring costs R65.00 per hour for 3-on-1 lessons and here’s what the buttons on the right pay for:

R100 - 1h32m of tutoring
R250 - 3h51m of tutoring
R500 - 7h42m of tutoring
R1000 - 15h23m of tutoring

Approximate exchange rates for international supporters:

$1.00 = +-R13.50
€1.00 = +-R16.00
£1.00 = +-R18.00

Any donation contributes towards equal education for South African students.