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The Pretoria Bikers Council

a) To serve and unite the Motorcyclist Clubs and Groups in Pretoria. b) To mediate impartially in disputes between Motorcyclist Clubs, Groups or members. c) To promote and improve the image of motorcycling to the general public of South Africa. d) To implement safety measures at events for the benefit of all motorcyclists and the public. e) To function as an organized body, not for gain. f) To operate as a non-racial, a non-political and a non-denominational body, and to reserve the right of admission. g) To liaise as a body between international clubs, associations, unions, etc. h) Coordinating of events organized by PBC affiliated Motorcycle Clubs whether for Charity or Social purposes i) The organization may not give any of its money or property to its members or office bearers. The only time it can do this is when it pays for work that a member or office bearer has done for the organization. The payment must be a reasonable amount for the work that has been done. j) The organization shall: i) Exist in its own right, separately from its members ii) Be able to own property and other possessions iii) Be able to sue and be sued in its own name. k) The organization shall continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers. I) Members or office bearers of the organization do not have rights over property or other assets of the organization solely by virtue of their being members or office bearers of the organization.