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The Red Balloon Foundation Trust

The Red Balloon Foundation raises funds to help underprivileged special needs children to receive Neurological rehabilitation. Through ABM NeuroMovement and Cortical Visual Impairment Interventions the Red Balloon Foundation gives these families hope, helping their children become the best they can be and coaching the families on how to create a positive environment where their child can learn and thrive. All funds raised through the Red Balloon Foundation go towards a child receiving ongoing Neurological rehabilitation. Our focus is to help children with Special Needs including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADD/ADHD, Stroke, Brain Injury, and Genetic Disorders to reach their full potential by accessing the amazing power of the brain to change and create solutions to problems.
To be truly helpful to the children and their families, we back off from trying to make the child do what s/he can’t do and recognize the fundamental role the child’s brain plays in learning and refining new skills. During Sessions the practitioners: • Utilize positive brain change to create new connections in the child’s brain through the process of brain plasticity. • Providing the child’s brain with the information and conditions to grow, develop. and thrive. • Parents are guided on how to connect with their child and provide their child with the greatest opportunity to develop skills and a strong sense of self, to feel good about themselves and to have the ability to continue to learn and grow, with a genuine sense of accomplishment and pride.