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The Robinhood Foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation started informally in May 2005 when Durban businesswoman, Cindy Norcott, saw an opportunity to clothe ten poor babies for a year with her daughters’ outgrown baby clothes. After distributing second hand clothes and toiletries to needy mums at St Mary’s Hospital, seeing the emotions and hearing the many horror stories of new mums leaving with their newborn babies wrapped in newspaper, Cindy and her team of volunteers were motivated to intensify efforts and begin the “Love the Babies” project.
Within a few months, the plight of poor grannies looking after orphaned children called for “Gogo Bags”, a testament to the growing need from various poor communities and the willing support from donors, and so in 2007 the NPO, the Robin Hood Foundation, was formed. The trustees of the Robin Hood Foundation are Cindy Norcott, Liesl Kriegisch, Pat Horrmann, who all work on a voluntary basis.