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The Society for Animals in Distress

The Society for Animals in Distress

The Society for Animals in Distress mandate is to ensure access to professional
veterinary services, and animal-care education to impoverished areas of Gauteng and
South Africa as a whole.

Operating with courtesy, inclusion and professionalism working with communities and their animals.

A progressive veterinary animal welfare organization with 63-years history of accomplishment across animals, people, environment, and prosperity in the communities it serves.

The long-term goal is simple: to create a country where people and animals thrive!

Mobile Veterinary Units are a constant presence and respond to animal emergencies
from infectious diseases from Zoonosis to Parvovirus and animal injuries caused through
human-animal lack of knowledge.

Weekly field work is done in diverse environments where patients include companion, working and domestic animals.

The geographical footprint is townships, North and North-East Gauteng, Krugersdorp,
Claremont and nationally, Western Cape, Northwest Province and Free State via mass
sterilisation/vaccination outreaches.

The facility is a large veterinary hospital for small animal sterilisation, preventative care or
hospital admission and a specialised equine facility for coal yard and neglected
horses, as well as donkeys.

The 11.4-acre farm is situated in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Programs are a multi-component systemic approach to sustainable animal welfare.


The Society for Animals in Distress upholds values and a culture of absolute integrity and excellence by serving animals in a way that uplifts communities and is respectful of clients and their wider society.

The non profit organisation's objective is to invest in people from previously
disadvantaged circumstances with applicable economic and job skills to provide extension
services to the wider private veterinary sector.

The only Veterinary welfare organisation in South Africa that focuses on Animal Health
Technician (animal paramedic - AHT) mentorship with financial literacy education to
empower a potential network of independent practitioners.

With the objective to systemically address the transformation needed in animal health service delivery to townships, informal settlements, and rural areas throughout South Africa.

The Animal Health Technician Mentorship Program enables veterinary excellence and
fosters future independent practitioners.

Over half a million of the 5.8 million people and their pets that live in 181 informal
settlements and 57 townships, suffer from lack of animal healthcare. Just in Johannesburg.

A 2020 veterinary evaluation revealed that 82% of households in Diepsloot Extension 1, own an average 3.5 pets per family.

There are only 38 vets per million of South Africa’s 59,62 million population, typically
serving animals in specific urban areas.

This innovative model delivers AHT mentorship and financial literacy education most
effective to take animal healthcare to South Africa's communities.

Provides affordable alternatives to primary veterinary services and empowers AHT professionals with sustainable livelihoods for employment.

A veterinary extension network to exponentially increase access to veterinary care for vulnerable animals and improve service quality delivered at the point of need.