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The Sprouts Organisation

The Sprouts Organisation is a start-up grassroots organisation and registered as a: - Non-Profit company NPC 2021/908870/08 and - Non-Profit Organisation NPO 267-330. We are located in the Voor- Groenberg area in Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa. The Sprouts Organisation was founded by Bernice Malan and Nadia Retief in 2021 to resolve the shortcomings of marginalised communities, providing them with access to subsidised resources and services that were either absent or fell short in their community in order to prevent children from being overlooked and falling through the cracks. "Education is an investment and one of the most critical investments one can make. Today, around the globe, an estimated 61 million primary-aged children are out of school. Too often, even those students who do go to school finish without basic literacy and numeracy skills: it is estimated that 250 million children cannot read, write or count well."- 2022 USAID IMPACT REPORT. Through the provision of quality education and support, empowering communities through training efforts and the transfer of knowledge and skills, we reinvigorate our efforts to accelerate progress by improving access, quality and in turn student achievement. We believe that when kids go to school, have access to proper resources and support, they excel. Against all odds, they begin to build self confidence and begin to thrive Our services and holistic approach provide opportunities for children in marginalised communities to develop holistically with specialised support not only for them, but for their parents and the community that surrounds them (other ECD's, Primary schools and community members), as they are all integrated and form part of the development of each child. I. AM. BECAUSE. YOU. ARE. Our services speak to the strategic focus areas as identified through our needs assessment of these communities and provide them with crucial services, resources and support. Through synergising our research, knowledge, insights, experiences, resources and strengths we will be able to play a vital role in changing the trajectory of each child that enters through our doors and enable them to live out their potential and thrive in this world.
Our services:
Early childhood development center and aftercare:
Our registered centre and educational program will focus on the whole child (Physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively). Our program will be a Early Learning and development(ELDA'S) based program with the following developmental areas: Well-being, Identity and belonging, Communication, Mathematics, Creativity and knowledge and understanding of the world. We will provide our learners with a rich sensory environment enabling them to develop and integrate their 7 senses (Vision, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, Tactile, Movement and Proprioception). We will also be fostering a growth mindset and emotional intelligence as these aspects will also be integrated into our program. Our Aftercare facility will be equipped with a Computer lab(equipped with the Cami software program) where Educational support will be provided by Qualified professionals in the field through our volunteer program. Children will also be given exposure to various extra mural activities such as art classes, sporting activities etc. Children will also be provided with nutritional meals daily.
Training and skills development:
Qualified teachers will receive regular training on the latest development in the ECD field or any topic related to our program and our values. Workshops will be done with parents, caregivers and teachers in the area and will cover various topics related to our programs and values. Our professional network will get a chance to share valuable insights and resources with the community through the transference of knowledge and skills.
Special needs assessment, support and integration services :
Subsidised special needs services will be available at our premises in collaboration and with provision of our professional network. Formal assessments will be done by our professional network. Support will be provided in the form of therapy or doing home programs with the children respectively. Provision for Integration support within main stream schools or alternatively we will refer or provide them with alternative options.