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The Start a Smile Foundation

The Start a Smile Foundation was started to assist the less fortunate, through our own projects and also to help other Non-Profits with funding. We've created a platform whereby various organisations can showcase and campaign together - to introduce unification within the non-profit sector.


We strive to create unity, to strengthen, highlight and raise brand awareness for all Non-Profit organisations within South Africa (as so many do not gain mass public exposure) and harness the power of compassion, found in each one of us. We give you the opportunity to choose and support whichever cause touches your heart. This is done through various marketing and fundraising channels i.e. via our website, events, social campaigning and projects etc.

In addition, our aim is to establish a network to assist the public in determining if a charity or organization is legit and that the money raised does indeed go to the charities they support - this will help with public trust building with Non-Profits in South Africa.

Start a Smile supports the following:
* Animal welfare projects/foundations
* Aids projects/foundations
* Arts and crafts projects/foundations
* Child support projects/foundations
* Feed the hungry projects/foundations
* Housing projects/foundations

Just to name a few.

We have a passion for helping others. We aim to assist wherever we can, with whatever we have. Each one of us have a charity that is close to our hearts, let's all come together and start smiles...