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Startup Mzansi

Founded by Sandile Shabangu in 2012, the Startup Mzansi Foundation is a Non Profit Company supporting innovative youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. The Foundation is organized under the laws of the Republic of South Africa and governed by a Board of Directors made up of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Specialists.

Our goal is to lay the foundation by bringing together essential elements to create a viable ecosystem, from which startups and young innovative entrepreneurs can accelerate their growth. We do this through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, developing and recognising excellence in youth and promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

Startup Mzansi Foundation is committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of youth in business in South Africa and beyond through promoting opportunities to support, connect and grow youth in business.

Changing The World Through Innovation

The Foundation researches and communicates the positive impact of startups on the economy and society; defends startups from over-regulation, unhelpful legislation, over-taxation and monopolistic large firms; and encourages entrepreneurship as a career choice.

The activities of the foundation are focused on four core areas:

Advocacy: promoting entrepreneurship in the media and with government,Research and campaigns: especially initiatives that improve the public perception of entrepreneurs as well as encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs,Thought-leadership: generating white papers, pamphlets, events and articles aimed at the defence and promotion of entrepreneurs,Resources: providing guidance and support for entrepreneurs.