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The Success Academy Rhino Trust NPC

We are sure you will relate to what we felt for a very long time, we need to become aware of the role we individually need to play in order to ensure the survival of all the species we share this planet with. Because we continue to wreck the most destruction on the planet, the responsibility rests completely with us to make a change. Two years ago we chose to throw our weight behind the drive to help save our rhino from extinction.

For the past three years we have hosted a gala dinner event, where to ensure that all the proceeds went to the cause, Charl du Toit, CEO of The Success Academy, personally sponsored the events. Together with the public, artists and performers who gave their support, we were able to raise a total of R1,633,500.00 on the three evenings. Our first two gala’s funds were donated to WESSA’s Rhino Initiative. This year all the proceeds will be administered by The Success Academy Rhino Trust.