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The Tshepo Trust

In 2002, The Tshepo Trust (“the Trust”) was established by a small group of private individuals. These donors have been fortunate enough to have achieved financial success and annually donate a relatively small sum of money with the intention of uplifting worthy disadvantaged individuals who demonstrate promise and ability.

The Trust focuses on helping disadvantaged South Africans improve their education and skills, primarily at a tertiary level. The Trust is currently supporting 26 (twenty-six) individuals with studies ranging from University degrees down to Adult Skills Training. The Trust has helped provide an education to over seventy deserving individuals and has disbursed just under a million rand to date. This may not seem like a lot but the difference this has made to these individuals lives is immeasurable and we are pleased to say that each one has been a resounding success.

As part of the philosophy of the Trust, there is no obligation to repay any of the funds but merely a moral encouragement to give back to the Trust by “Paying it Forward”, as and when the beneficiaries are able to do so. Many of the individuals have large families to support and so it takes some time! We have one of our first beneficiaries come a full circle, and has recently joined the Trust as a Trustee. The trustees are bound by a constitution in the form of a registered Trust Deed, a copy of which is available upon request.