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The Unlimited Child

We are a South African, Non profit development company based in Hillcrest Durban, working to ensure that all children enter school with the ability to maximise their potential. Currently in SA, more than 7 million children under 7 have no access to stimulating activities of any kind and so their brains do not develop correctly, meaning that when they reach school they are already severely disadvantaged. Neglect of this sort can mean that their brains are up to 40% smaller than they should be and this process is irreversible meaning that they will be disadvantaged for the rest of their lives, all because nobody took the time to interact with them. We started 4 years ago and have already reached just under 16,000 children in over 300 pre school environments, I would say creches, but often these children are in someone's bedroom or being cared for under a tree. We have trained over 800 caregivers and provided thousands of educational toys as well as monthly support on an ongoing basis to ensure that our project is sustainable and the children get the stimulation and support they need to develop to their full potential.