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The Urban Ruins

The Project this year encompasses 3 opportunities to donate
Reach and Teach Burseries We hope to get a daddy long legs to sponsor up to 100 impoverished children. To enable them to attend a registered ECD (Early childhood development centre) for 3-5 years olds and grade R.
The 2 schools are Urban ruins in Boksburg and Urban Canaan in Villa Lisa.
Your donation will cover 3 nutritious meals a day , CAPS curriculum monitored by social development. An early learn to cycle safe program, Extra Murals and all stationery for the year. It will also cover the uniform of the preschool and outings.
The cost will be R600 per month for 10 Months. R150 goes to the call centre expenses
Transformation Project The ECD centre has raised 70k towards the purchase of a school bus which will help fetch these aspiring students. We hope to find a sponsor for 5k a month towards paying off the purchase of a school bus.
We need a total of 130k to purchase a bus and its running expenses.
Wheels =freedom
Freedom= responsibility
Responsibility = true transformation
Build a school We building a school with ECO- Bricks , a recycling project with lovelike plastic and we need donations of R80 towards bags of cement.
We have Vineyards and jewelry that have been give to us to sell in order to fundraiser