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The Urban Ruins Project Centre NPO

Organisation Profile Letter
Significant levels of inequality persist through wrenching levels of poverty and deprivation in many communities across South Africa; consequently, fuelling food insecurity, social exclusion, unemployment, economic exploitation, crime and violence. This has a particularly devastating impact on children’s development and future prospects, which includes their access to basic services, their physical and mental health and their access to education and employment opportunities.
Urban Ruins is a non-profit organisation based in Boksburg, which aims to uplift children and communities affected by poverty in the Reiger Park, Comet, Angelo, Ramaphosa and Plantation informal settlements. Urban Ruins achieves this by providing an ECD CENTRE for impoverished families, and a free and safe childcare centre - ‘the Ruins’, where children can play, have access to activities that allow them to explore their physical and artistic potential. Through our programmes, Urban Ruins aims to protect the basic rights of children, and promote their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

The Urban Ruins projects aims to; • Provide Comprehensive Basic Education to 3-5 year olds in our ECD Centre • Rehabilitate abused, neglected children and youth through play therapy, development of sports, arts and culture and channel them into recognised sporting codes and clubs. • Offer education, counselling, opportunity for personal development and skills • Empower each child to reach their full potential • To ensure basic and physical needs are met • To see that there psychological and emotional needs are met • To protect and uphold the rights of the children in our care • Work within the frame work of the children’s bill
The Urban Ruins Projects Centre aims to provide psychological support and counselling to children traumatized by their environment. We positively engage with young people daily and try to influence them away from a life of crime, through our Mentorship Programs, and sports and recreational activities

Every Year the Project conducts an Impact study to assess our impact and progress to develop a theme to improve our impact and reach within our community.