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The Wellness Centre Trust

The Wellness Centre Trust assists the homeless and destitute off the streets and into society on a sustainable level. What we do: - Register and screen each individual and capture all information about them - Provide mentorship which encourages people to make the right decisions - Assist with skills development and job opportunities - Sponsor ID cards - Assist with family reconciliation - Assist individuals with developing their own small businesses - Assist some of the candidate’s children with homework after school - Our social worker provides counselling The following courses and support groups are either run on our premises or we are in partnership with other organisations: • Accounting classes • Computer classes • Crochet courses • English classes • Job readiness • Ladies support group • Life skills • Men’s support group • Sewing courses Business mentorship
We also have launched our Kenville Project. Please see our website short video for more info We are trying to uplift the entire community in Kenville by improving their sanitation, bringing in mobile toilets, decreasing the illegal electricity connections, working with the municipality with the regular waste removal. We also want to build a community centre where children can have a safe enviroment to do their homework and have aftercare.