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The WPPS Scholarship Fund

The WPPS Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship Fund supports our Grade 4 Scholarship Programme. When you choose to contribute to this fund you choose to make a lasting impact on a boy who would ordinarily not be able to access WPPS due to several socio-economic reasons.We hold fast to our belief of being an agent for change through the creation of diverse leaders and an inclusive environment that enables lasting social transformation.

Through this Scholarship Fund WPPS seeks to:

- Champion betterment in the lives of the participating individuals and their families.

- Identify and offer scholarships to deserving students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who, through their potential, skills, and attitude, can contribute positively to the school environment and to the country at large after school.

- Enrich and develop a diverse culture.

- Mentor and develop the scholarship students and acquaint them with the vast opportunities on offer at WPPS.

- Continue the development of these boys as future leaders and positive contributors to society, by providing an introduction and opportunity to continue at leading high schools.

- Develop a specific scholarship endowment fund capable of funding deserving boys, through reliable ongoing sources of income.