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Thinking Empire 4 kids

Thinking Empire 4 Kids was found in January 2014 as a Social Enterprise by a team originally from Mitchells who desires to give back. The organizations passion and vision is to provide affordable life coaching to youth. This is achieved through a series of positive exposure workshops. The Goal Attainment Program is a packaged 8-week programme with specific learning objectives and outcomes.
The programme embraces a holistic and integrated approach to personal development, empowerment and growth. Thinking Empire positive exposure workshops are offered to schools for kids aged 8-16yrs, on weekends as well as private one-on-one coaching opportunities. The outcome based workshops is aimed at facilitating personal development through the use of recognized Coaching tools and techniques in a relaxed fun manner for kids to enjoy. The workshop addresses one of many of the education gaps and covers the broader aspects of Goal Attainment through a series of 8 consecutive
5hr modules delivered weekly. The programme introduces concepts such as Smart goals, Motivation, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Action planning as well as overcoming procrastination vital to getting youth ready for life beyond school. We believe that with the support of a coaching and mentoring environment, equipping children with these skills early in life will enhance their success potential for most life scenarios in the future. “My child is struggling”, many parents say helplessly. Kids struggle with their studies at school, with their teachers’ expectations, with their friends and social skills, with their behavior and attitude, with authority, their health, and their siblings and sometimes, even with their parents, and this breaks parents’ hearts.
At Thinking Empire 4 Kids, we think that with the right guidance and plenty of encouragement, kids can develop confidence, determination, resilience and strong emotional intelligence. Once kids have that intelligence, it becomes part of who they are, accompanies them for the rest of their life and can be easily used as a shield against social ills and a guide towards happiness and success.
In addition to the 5 hrs. per weekend with a child we also provide a once off 2hr session with their primary caregiver and a WhatsApp support group that run over the course of the 8-week programme. Caregivers can choose to participate in these groups and clarify, ask questions or communicate with our team as needed.