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Mind Empowers Youth Organisation NPO

Good News was established in 2013 by Siphosethu and Kingzkid with the hope of hosting a Good News radio show, after much consideration and deliberation, we saw fit and endeavored to record an album of short stories which would later be converted for the visual market. The response to the Good News was overwhelming that we immediately saw a great demand for the inspirational short stories. We have been working on this project for the past few years with various partners and stakeholders and finally the product is now ready for the public. We did not anticipate the great results that the Good News has achieved through God’s grace and power. God is doing amazing things through the Good News, we have reached hundreds of families and homes within Durban and aim to reach more nationally and beyond our South African borders. Lives are being changed, relationships are being restored and communities are being transformed by the Holy Spirit, our Helper and the spread of Good News that is being made available to the public through the Good News Album, live performances and testimonies from Kingzkidz. We are sharing the Good News using television, radio, internet, podcasts, media, motivational talks, story-telling and other latest technologies to reach the millions of hopeless South Africans out there with the hope to revive and enlighten them to become contributing citizens. The main purpose of this venture is to reach hurting South Africans and bring to them the Truth which is the Good News that will set free, deliver and change lives for the better. Good News crosses the boundaries of location, language and creed as we look to bring the children of God together