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THOMI AFRICA-Championing Gender Equality and Women

THOMI AFRICA is a non-governmental organisation committed to women empowerment, gender equality, promoting democratic values and tackling key concerns in society. We are dedicated to promoting active citizenship, participatory democracy and building cohesive societies, targeting the needs of and empowering the underprivileged especially, women, including those most at risk of inequalities, exclusion and discrimination. We strive to be instrumental in engaging in advocacy and policy formulation, as well as raising awareness of key issues and challenges in today’s societies.

Below is a summary of our goal but not limited to;

Standing against the abuse of women and children.
Campaigning against the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and substances.
Campaigning against Human Trafficking, and any form of abuse.
Promoting women’s human rights and combats sexual exploitation in all its forms.
Promoting basic education and sponsoring poor children.
Raising awareness pertaining to breast cancer, TB, HIV & Aids, including the care and counsel of their families dependents in this regard.
Helping the elderly and disabled in our community.