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Gardens Nook Pre-School

Fundraising Campaign: New grade R classroom setup costs for 2019 - furniture, fittings and resources.

Gardens Nook Pre-School is a member school of Ambleside Schools International and operates in Gardens, Cape Town under the auspices of Three Peaks School NPC.

Gardens Nook Pre-School was founded in 2015 by Nicolette Skead with the goal of providing a Christ-centered, family-based school that would serve families in the Cape Town City Bowl. The initiative has grown since then and has become the springboard for developments towards the founding of a new Primary School in the Cape Town City Bowl.

Gardens Nook Pre-School and Three Peaks Primary School* exist with the vision of being a Christ-centered school providing a rich learning atmosphere and broad curriculum to children of diverse racial and socioeconomic backgrounds in the city of Cape Town.

*Three Peaks Primary School is working towards opening its doors in 2020 with its inaugural Grade 1 class.