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Orchard Africa

Food & Agriculture:
The Orchard: Africa Food & Agriculture programme emphasizes food security by providing meals and teaching communities to grow their own food. Using sustainable, vertical, container and small scale agricultural techniques, food security becomes more of a reality to vulnerable communities. When children have nutritious food and clean water, it helps reduce illiteracy, illness, and poverty.

The Orchard Africa Education program helps local churches start an early learning programme, provide an after-school learning center, and conduct life skills and basic entrepreneurial training for older students. A good education equips children to pursue their dreams and break the cycle of generational poverty.

The Orchard: Africa Care program equips church leaders to show love in a practical way. They care for orphans and the vulnerable through home-based care, trauma counselling, HIV/AIDS prevention, and orphan intervention. Compassionate care builds healthy souls, equipping people to have hope for their future.

To truly care for the vulnerable and implement sustainable solutions in communities, the local church has to be on board. The Orchard: Africa Ministry programme focuses on training, mentoring, and equipping local African pastors and their churches to respond to the immediate needs of their own community.