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Tikvah, an independent, volunteer initiated body, that has been partnering with JCS for as many as 20 years. It has been providing a bi-weekly fruit and vegetable hamper for over 90 JCS clients. JCS supervises, supports, co-ordinates, and provides an intake service for Tikvah. The rising cost of living and the high unemployment rate, makes it near impossible for most families to provide for their most basic needs. For these families, fruit and vegetables are often regarded as a luxury and therefore it is not seen as a necessity. Tikvah ensures that these families are able to include them in their diet. This is made possible through generous donations, pledges and annual fundraising events hosted by Tikvah. Having to provide for clients of various ages, with various health requirements has also proven to be a challenge. It’s not always possible to provide many of the items requested by our recipients to help them with specific dietary needs.