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Timion NPC

Timion NPC

The main objective of Timion NPC is to manufacture and distribute equipment to disabled children from less privileged backgrounds. In this way we support the families of the children who don’t have the means to buy the necessary equipment to best care for their child.

Since 2007 we have helped about 700 children with cerebral palsy from townships in Nelson Mandela Bay metropole, the Transkei and various areas in the Eastern Cape, by supplying them with equipment and rehabilitation free of charge.

Apart from providing equipment free of charge, Timion NPC also supports families in many more ways;

1. There is a great emotional need of the caregiver and family, because they struggle to come to terms with the disability of their child. We try to encourage them, listen to their feelings and pray with them if they wish for it. By visiting the children in their home environment, the caregiver is far less threatened or stressed than at a hospital and opens up much more towards input and encouragement.

2. We teach the caregiver to best handle the child, how to feed them and how to use the equipment. It is our aim to educate the parents in what Cerebral Palsy is so they understand the nature of the disability and how they can help their child reach their full potential.

3. We also organize respite camps, where we invite children with cerebral palsy and their caretaker to be relieved of their daily hardship and be refreshed and spoiled for a few days. The camps have proved to be a great support to the caregivers and give them encouragement and hope to continue when they return home. The camps are free for the moms and children and are paid by Timion NPC.