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Tintlhari Education

Tintlhari Education is a registered nonprofit company seeking to help all grade 8 to 12 learners from public and private schools with free extra lessons and career guidance. Tintlhari Education also provides free basic training (Reading, Writing, Speaking English and etc.) to all people of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality with different gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief. It was found by Tinyiko Valoi (Founder) and Eric Ngobeni (Cofounder) on the 14 of September 2015 in the small village called Humulani. Mr. Valoi and Ngobeni were bonded together and Tintlhari Education (NPC) was established. And they always believe that a hero without weapons will be able to fight and win but a coward with weapons will be defeated and also a person who tackles a heavy job trusts in his strength. This encouraged them to work extremely hard in their community.
Although, in the year 2015 Tintlhari Education was not registered, but enrolled over 400 learners from Baranuka Secondary, Nkateko High, Ntshuxeko High, Majeje High and All Saint and made its educational history for the first time by producing excellent results. In addition, the ETDP SETA also played an educational role by providing Tintlhari Education with career guidance and free educational equipment to assist in executing its duties.
Our goals are to see young people matriculating, graduating and becoming Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Developers, Business men or women and etc. And old people will be able to interact with quotidian technology such as Automated Teller Machine and etc. Because education is our first priority in our society, and without it there is no future. So we will try our best to invest in education and empower our community youth with educational pep talk and career guidance.