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Tiqwa School

The school was founded in 1982 by a group of concerned parents who felt that there was no suitable institution in the Pretoria area that catered for their special needs and could develop their children to their full potential. The school was most appropriately named. TIQWA is a Hebrew word meaning hope and expectation. TIQWA believes that every child should be given a chance in life and by applying a special approach to teaching and placing only five to eight learners per teacher, many successes have been achieved. There is no pressure to compete and no year-end failure. TIQWA School gives every child the hope of becoming a literate, independent, self-assured and employable member of society and has built up a successful record of accomplishment of children returning to mainstream education. To achieve this, the following is provided:

Specialised dual medium therapeutic methods
Small classes fo individual attention
Physical exercise programme including daily gross motor and sensory motor exercise
Curriculum encompassing English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, life skills, art activities, music therapy, cooking and horse riding
Development and social skills
Occupational and speech therapy
Educational outings
School preparedness
Annual school concert
Country Atmosphere