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TLC Outreach Projects is a non-profit, welfare organisation, situated in the Table View Area. Our purpose is to care for destitute youth at risk.

Since 2000 our community based project has been rehabilitating the children scattered on our streets because of abuse, addiction and extreme poverty, many of whom have found their way to the streets in search of a safe haven. Over the past few years our project has extended the reach of our preventative programmes to help meet the needs of informal settlement children at risk. By networking with other organisations and our local police station together, we have united these diverse settlements together under a blanket of love and care.

We operate from a practically-centred perspective and work closely with the youth at risk in these cluster communities to offer relief and rehabilitation to the children often facing multifaceted levels of abuse.girl-smiling

Our main focus is the facilitation of the preventative programmes in the settlements. Educare play rooms and youth cabins have been erected by TLC to accommodate on site programs. Day and night outreach teams target children under the age of 18 living on the streets. The main goals of which, are to move them to a place of safety or re-unite them with a family member. TLC's counselling arm lends itself to sexual, physical and emotional restoration through our Assessment Centre. Accommodation, education, mentoring, Christian discipleship as well as employment opportunities are also provided through the TLC house program.

The foundations of our intervention policy are the programmes of family reunification and early intervention, cemented together by counselling and skills development as a means of social upliftment