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Torah Academy Childrens Educational Trust

As we celebrate 47 plus years of educational excellence, we have ב"ה recently completed several capital projects with refurbished sports facilities, new and improved classrooms and offices, and we are in the final planning stages of the building of a brand new world class Girls High School campus! All this without compromising our goal of providing a sound Jewish and secular education to any Jewish child who desires it, regardless of means.

The excitement is contagious! We've seen our alumni re-investing into our school.

We have truly come of age and we are now turning to you, our past students, to propel us forward and assist us in making a continued difference in our current students' lives.

Partner with us by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE monthly contribution to our alumni fund, Providing bursaries, improvements and development to the next generation of Torah Academy pupils.

Partner With Us!