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Touwsrivier Relieve Fund

Had enough of the Lockdown? Need a weekend away from the city?

Donate to a worthy cause and stand a chance to win your share of R64 000 in social getaways for you and your friends!!!

Every R100 donation buys you 1 entry; there are no limits on the amount of entries you can buy. The more you donate the better your chances of winning!!!

Touwsrivier is a small karoo town famous for its wide-open spaces and crisp Champaign air. It was once a bustling little town that developed around the railway, which was seen as the main economic industry in the region. Since 1985 the need for banking trains over the Hex River Pass slowly decreased and as result the town gradually started to loose its economic appeal. However, Touwsrivier is still here and not completely forgotten and hosts about 9000 residents.

Because of the lack of industry in the region, most of the residents depend on social grants and farm work, which is mostly seasonal. The tourism sector is another growing source of employment as the region boasts with some top tier establishments like Aquila Privete Game Reserve and Inverdoorn Game reserve being some of the biggest employers.

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has put severe strain on all of us and with the recent extension of lockdown in South-Africa the needs of many of Touwsrivier’s citizens have become a great cause for concern.

However dire the situation might seem, the community of Touwsriver are something truly special. It is amazing to see how people from al walks of life are pulling together and coming up with solutions to help ease the suffering. One great example is how generously our local establishments donated social getaways to be redeemed after lockdown.

The Touwsrivier Tourism Association was subsequently able to launch this competition giving away 10 amazing social getaways to be redeemed after lockdown. For every R100 donation you give, you receive 1 entry into the prize draw. And it is really cool prizes! Look for yourself if you are still unsure about donating.

Donations received will go towards helping over 2000 families in desperate need. Your contributions will make all the difference and you stand a chance of winning an awesome weekend away for you and your friends!

The Touwsrivier Tourism Association thank all our members for the generous contributions toward helping our community and we have therefor aptly dubbed them as our local “Touwsrivier Crowned Hero’s”, do check them out. Generosity like this deserves to be supported.

We thank you for opening your hearts and wallets for this great cause and hope to welcome you with our warm karoo hospitality soonest.

Stay safe and stay home for a little longer.