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The Pastors Institute (TPI) is a non-profit organisation formed to assist Pastors from different denominations, communities, theological institutions and socio-economic backgrounds to embrace a Kingdom Lifestyle as prescribed by the Bible, the Word of God. TPI assists Pastors to bridge gaps in the application of their theological training, day to day church administration, care for family and their personal lives. This being achieved through introduction to and training on application of the Kingdom Management model in daily life.

TPI uses the Kingdom Management Framework as a mechanism to provide participants with insight into the processes which facilitate maintenance of the solid Biblical foundation required to ensure accountability and the preservation of integrity within all areas of their working and personal lives.

The Kingdom Management Program offers participants:

A roadmap for living a faithful life in the Kingdom of God.
A holistic, integrated approach to building the individual, his/her family and their ministry.A process through which they may maintain integrity of action, facilitate empowerment and growth within their areas of service; and in the course of their action unify people and groups around a common purpose and vision.An opportunity to align all facets of their lives in accordance with God’s purpose.