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Transforming Kids

Transforming Kids’ specific purpose is to implement and passionately facilitate praise and worship sessions, character building programs, moral value programs, motivating healthy relationships, hope for kids evangelism, prayer guidance, bible study guidance and spiritual warfare guidance, spiritual growth programs, spiritual leadership training and preparation for high school programs – at primary schools, pre-primary schools, churches and in the community. Training and support is given to children, teachers, parents and youth leaders involved.

To build a Spiritual Foundation that serves as a basis of children’s human development Transforming Kids use Character Development Programs, based on Biblical values and thorough Research, by means of Product Development, Training and Ministry Implementation. The values programmes – Love and Identity, focus on character development. Character does not magically emerge without intentional effort. Who you are matters a lot more than what you accomplish. With these products, Transforming Kids want to enable our partners to engage in the process of transforming children into spiritual champions and develop a partnership between parents, churches, schools and ministries to raise God-loving and God-fearing children - children with character who shows love to others and who knows who they are.