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Tristan Bellingan

This proposal is to obtain finances to establish a challenging Extreme Sports Park for training and skill development especially in skateboarding. A park that is accessible for the growing interest in this individual non-competitive sport.

The BCSC is in the process of registering as an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) that has as its main aim the provision of a well-managed safe and secure facility providing a much needed service to the skateboarding community of the Western Cape.

Sponsorship and donations to establish this facility must have the sporting youth at heart.

Market analysis indicates a significant extension of the age span of youngsters that are taking part in skateboarding. Seasoned experienced skateboarders (now aged 26) are the driving force and the main committee members of the BCSC. Not only do they believe that such a park will have a significant impact on the growth in Club membership but they are convinced that by establishing a well-managed state of the art designed open air facility that this sport and this Park will become a vital attraction for both national and international skateboarding events in the Western province.

The finances required to build this facility amount to R2.8 million
It is envisaged that the management and running of the facility by BCSC will be relatively maintenance free and have the means to break even on gate fees, club membership, offering of events and donations.

The Brackenfell Community Skateboard Club is a community service provider for all people who are interested in skateboarding and similar or related extreme sports. The Club will be registered as a Non-Profit Organization and operate its business solely for the benefit of its members and defined stakeholders. The Club will manage the terrain, and the construction of the design during various stages of development and building to completion.

The key service to be provided is a well-managed facility where training and competitions for members and stakeholders can be offered. The Club will be responsible for managing and running the Park and related functions in its capacity as a registered non-profit organization.

The management objective will be on promoting skateboarding as a sport, as a healthy and drug-free lifestyle and providing a safe and accessible skateboarding facility to its members, but also to the community as a whole as long as the participants support the Club’s ethos and founding principles.

Since South Africa is following world trends some overseas background can also be applicable here for our future,