Cause Index

Tshwaranang support group

• We believe in the value and importance of Medical sites (such as clinics) in the treatment and care of persons infected and affected by HIV.
• We believe in the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals that are given to HIV/AIDS patients and other chronic illnesses
• We believe in the importance of the use of condoms and male circumcision in the prevention of spread of HIV.
• We believe in the importance of transparency and openness in our interactions with the community.
• We deal with patients in complete confidentiality.
• We believe in the importance of engaging with the community and possible funders.
• Following the principles of Batho Pele, we believe in the importance of respecting the dignity, beliefs, culture and language diversity of our clients.
• By teaching girls from a young age how to be self-reliant, influential leaders in every area of life.
• To gained a powerful testimony of the young woman‘s theme just after high school graduation.
• Stigma and discrimination towards people believed or known to be HIV /TB positive
• Client’s rights to receive service free from discrimination
• Reduction and Intervention to prevent HIV/TB related stigma and discrimination to our surrounding community, including churches, schools, taxi ranks, taverns etc.