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Tshwarisano Youth Development Skills Center

Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to develop the unemployed youth of South Africa and provide them with the knowledge and skills that they require to find permanent employment or to go the entrepreneurial route and open their own businesses, which they will then hopefully use to employ more unemployed youth.
Introduction: South Africa is currently facing a catastrophic level of youth unemployment and as of 23 -07-2023 was the leader in youth unemployment rate in the world with a staggering rate of 62.1%. There are multiple reasons for this issue ranging from inequality, lack of education, poor standards of education, child-headed households, lack of infrastructure, lack of opportunities and the list goes on. The above issues have become even more visible recently with the amount of unemployed youth consistently rising over the last 10 years and without a stop to this trend the future of the youth and the country is looking very bleak. At Tshwarisano Youth Development Skills Center we aim to bridge the gap between the youth of our country and quality skills and knowledge training by providing them with access to qualified and experienced professionals who will guide and teach them everything they will need for their respective paths, whether as part of the workforce or as an entrepreneur. We have a total of 10 different programs for our participants to choose from, they are as follo Waste Management Employability Training Civil & Construction Computer Literacy Training Agriculture Trailer-Making Panel Beating Business Start-Up Training Life & Personal Skills Development Mentoring Prisoner Rehabilitation Program