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Tsogang Sechaba Community Projects

Tsogang Sechaba Community Projects was established in 1999 and registered in 2002 as an NPO. A research was done in the community (in 1999) amongst the youth, and the result was that 80% of the youth were not employed and amongst the youth there were child headed families whose parents passed away due to HIV/AIDS. A school in Protea South was visited and it was realized that the roll call of the school was very low due to poverty. Children had nothing to eat from home and they had no school uniform and disadvantaged them from attending school on a daily base. A need was then identified to start the project. The organisation started involving the youth to start programmes such as sports, arts & culture. From the founders pockets and donations from the churches and corporate, children were also provided with cooked meals for lunch and blankets. Food parcels were also issued. The organisation started with 400 children from Protea South Primary, and the need has since grown from that time. Most beneficiaries have relocated to the Lefereng settlement, thus our number has somewhat dwindled from 1062 to 950. Our mission is to at all times strive to provide support on both material and psychological, to the most vulnerable in society with the aim of lessening the impact of HIV/AIDS in society. Our vision is to take care for and house HIV/AIDS babies/children and to assist those who are affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS virus and work with churches, different welfare organisations, ministries and businesses. Our goal is to eradicate poverty and be available in times of disaster and uplift the socially disadvantaged. To take care and support people with HIV/AIDS. To assist with social security, late birth registrations and ID applications.