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Turfhall Cheshire Home

Turfhall Cheshire Home

The Turfhall Cheshire Home, is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation (NPO 014-845 & PBO 930025578), which officially opened in 1983, providing permanent accommodation and specialised care to 60 severely disabled adults. Most of our residents cannot do basic human functions and require bathing and feeding by the staff every day. Without the dedicated services of our home and staff, our residents would not be able to survive. Our residents are from the poorest of the poor communities and rely on Turfhall Cheshire Home to provide the specialised care they deserve.
Although we run independently, we are affiliated to the international Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance. Lord Leonard Cheshire, a highly acclaimed Royal Air Force pilot during World War II, who received the Victoria Cross for gallantry, started the charity for disabled ex-servicemen in 1948. Currently there are more than 270 homes all over the world. In South Africa we have 19 homes of which the Turfhall Cheshire Home is one of 3 in the Western Cape.

Our Aim is to offer to those with disabilities:
- Unquestioning recognition of their full human rights;
- Standards of excellence in all aspects of care from both staff and volunteers;
- The support of a forward-looking and responsive organisation, aware of their needs and of those of their Carers;
- The opportunity to make an effective contribution at every level in running our services;
- Partnership in a continuing endeavour to help others; whatever the need may be in the field of disability.

Please, WE need your HELP, to ensure the sustainability of Turfhall Cheshire Home.