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Ubuntu Bobethu

Ubuntu strives to teach young people basic education such as reading, writing, basic arithmetic, and more. On a weekly basis, a mobile center (mobile library, social worker, nurse) visits four disadvantaged schools to support both children and their parents with free essential services. In the mornings, volunteer participants tutor students, work with small groups assisting teachers, marking papers, accelerating academic performance while forming meaningful relationships. In the afternoons, volunteers take turns leading personally designed workshops on subjects of their choice. Our afterschool programme also allows participants to engage at a meaningful level with our students. The after-school programme keeps children safe & engaged, through, Academic Support, Sports & Recreation, Health & Wellness and Arts & Culture. We also would like to provide some assistance to poor students from primary school to university levels, who are not in a position to continue their education because of financial hardships. Such funding would cover such areas as admission fees, text books, tuition fees, hostel fees, uniforms, school supplies.