Cause Index


Many people are unemployed, due to closure of companies and lack of needed skills. Community members are dying of Aids related diseases living orphans behind with nobody to take care of them. Women and young girls are abused and raped daily. Sometimes by close relative, who promised to look after them. They are scared to speak out because they depend on those abusive relatives to survive. Destitute people without anyone to look after them. Youth and children engage in criminal activities in order to support their poverty stricken families. Children dropping out of schools because of hunger, lack of school uniforms and school fees. Young girls fall pregnant at the young age due to poverty in order to survive and support their families. Elderly people use their state grants to take care of Aids orphans, unemployed family members and to pay rates and taxes. Homelessness caused by the evictions of people from their houses by the banks, because they were retrenched and can no longer afford to pay their house bonds. This caused married people to separate and destroy their families.
UCEC has identified this aims and objectives as the form of intervention to address the hardship experiencing by the community members:
T o support the welfare and humanitarian mission of UCEC in respect of the caring, research, counselling and provision of healthcare service and education programmes to the homeless, orphaned, abused, neglected, abandoned, the poor and needy in order to alleviate poverty.
T o promote community development and advance social entrepreneurship by securing land and/or housing and/or developing, constructing, upgrading shelters, to build and equip community centres, clinics, crèches, sporting facilities for the poor and the needy and provision of disaster relief and water and sanitation.
To provide shelter, food, clothes and life skills to the poor and needy community members.