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Umnotho Democratic Front

The term “South African dream” is used in many ways, but were able to be part of this dream we were all so hopeful about. By voting they acknowledged their faith in this historic and victorious moment when faith, what was right, and hope towered over all the naysayers and what was so wrong (Apartheid categorically was an injustice to all South Africans).
That dream lives on in all of us today, but South Africa seems to have lost its focus. The prize has slipped from our fingers. But it is not yet lost. Nothing is ruined if we are prepared to fight for it. Democracy will live on if we are all prepared to take on the fight and no longer be subjects to the ruling elite but demand more and better from them. The hope in this idea is so powerful that on April 27 1994, millions of South Africans from all walks of life were prepared to make their voices heard.
Now is our opportunity to rise to the occasion and remind all South Africans that our dream lives on in all of us. When redefining our politics, as UDF we say the time for ideological battles between Black Consciousness and Non-Racialism is over. Also the ideology of Africa as for the black skinned Africans only, and whites having to live the land forcefully is over. Not to mention, the ideology that starts to applaud and praise the inhumane and immoral Apartheid Policy by the National Party government over the inhumane and immoral BEE policy by the current government is over. Or who is a better leader between white leaders and black conscious leaders is over. Our country is going down, and we are busy blaming one another, belittling, debating, defending or substantiating ideologies of doom. UDF through NARBUP – Nation Renewal Building Programme is there kick-start new national dialogues about how to fill the void of the present moment as ONE PEOPLE (Coloureds, Whites, Indians and Blacks).