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Umnotho Democratic

UDF - Umnotho Democratic Front was founded on the 7th of November 2011 to defend and advance the rights of the South African people after corruption and lack of selfless leaders or cadre deployment and its economic supremacist at the expense of the poorest of the poor had become a trend 18 years later after a new democratic South Africa was born.

The Present: We understand fully that the government of the ANC has tried and failed to transform our country into a better development state. UDF creeps in, as a second transitional party needed by the countries collective people when defending democracy in this democracy deficit era. We further make reference to our principled and consistent struggle for nation building; support and respect for basic human and democratic rights; for socio-economic rights; and the strengthening and deepening of both representative and participatory democracy. UDF stresses and recognizes that the political power is in the hands of ordinary citizens and not the elite few.

The Planned: We emphasise the capacity of UDF, as the New National Democratic Movement, to bring together all people of South Africa behind a common programme of developmental goals and transformation of our society. The UDF has earned this leadership capacity through research and development, lived and experience struggles and the consistent sabotage of ideals and policies by the ruling government of the ANC through her failures to end the triple challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment since 1994.

The UDF manifesto reflects on the major challenges facing our country 18 years later in our democracy under the leadership of the ANC government, which is marked with high unemployment rates by the youth, the continuous cycle of poverty, and the deepening inequality.