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Unite as one

Global Unite as “ONE” is a World Movement and a Non Profitable Corporation established by inspired Musicians, Artists, Song Writers, Music Producers, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropist emerged from South Africa to promote world peace. This movement recognized the plight of pugnacity and violence in the world and aim to inspire, encourage and influence not only states and organisations but people throughout the Globe Ubiquitously to encourage “Change or to be Changed”.

Global Unite as “ONE” aims to become the largest and most prominent movement using music, art, radio, theatre, and social media to accelerate the desire for world peace and actively take part in the development of social science and economic upliftment in promoting world peace and innovation influencing development of the next generation with the anticipation to create leaders for “Change or to be Changed”.

Our Vision

Global Unite as “ONE” aim through its composition to build the biggest network in the world to reach global platforms through social media and global collaboration with other communities and international platforms to influence “world peace” inspired by UNESCO and other world organisations.

Our Mission

Global Unite as “ONE” plays a key role in highlighting the current status of the world advocates transformation through the creation of music and art to motivate and inspire “Global Change or to be Changed” which include:

Create the biggest Global networking platform to reach the people in promoting world peace through Music, art, radio, social media and other platforms.
The release of the world song “ONE” encourages others to join our course.
Promote “Change or to be Changed” in communities throughout the world using music, art and social platforms in promoting world peace and leadership through human rights and development of the next generation.
Inspire through music, arts and lyrics to promote world peace encouraging platforms for people to create passion and purpose for a peaceful Globe.