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Upbeat Youth Centre

The Upbeat youth Centre (UYC) is a non-profitable organization that focuses on youth development, registered with the department of Social Development NPO-092-656 and SARS PBO No 930037906.
UYC was founded in 2010 by Amon Maseko, Operating from Tweefontein, KwaMhlanga, and Thembisile Hani Local Municipality of Nkangala District Municipality in Mpumalanga, one of underdeveloped areas in South Africa.
The desire to establish such an institution was fuelled by a need to support development activities, eradication of extreme poverty, reduction of inequality, the promotion of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development.

In spite of successful poverty reduction in recent years, inequality has increased. According to the Gini coefficients study (2011) South Africa had the highest inequality rate in the world on some measures. According to statistics SA, South Africa has an acute problem of unemployment and poverty, an estimated 18 million South Africans are affected by extreme poverty.

From its inception, UYC has always been a developmental driven initiative and believes that to unleash the poverty chain from underdeveloped communities, it is essential that effective programs are
developed in rural areas so that young people have a reason to stay in their rural communities.
This “reverse migration” concept will encourage people to stay in the rural areas and create or participate in programs designed to create self-sustaining communities while avoiding the
urban vices of overpopulation, unemployment, disease and crime.

Core Strategic Objectives
• Empowerment of girls and women
• To develop skills through education and training programmes.
• Provision of economic development programmes
• Educating people on key issues of policy, economics, gender,racial,justice,human rights, environment-conservation, democracy and good governance to empower them to become active citizens
• To provide arts ,culture and sports programmes
• To provide drug abuse, cancer awareness, HIV / AIDS outreach programmes

To be a vibrant and energetic organization contributing to poverty alleviation, sustainable and economic development to rural disadvantaged communities.

To facilitate a sustainable process of development for improving living conditions and the quality of life in underdeveloped communities
Such a mission is essential because, in our area
• Most of the young girls have dropped out of high school.
• 70% of the young people are unemployed.
• The area has been declared as one of CRDP
• Women, youth, and the poor continue to have unequal employment opportunities.