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Valcare Trust

Valcare Trust

Poverty relief is our main focus, in the fields of Children & Families, Education, Food Security & Nutrition, Health, Older Persons, Persons with Disabilities, Substance Abuse, Unemployment & Community Upliftment,Church Projects & other projects.

A better valley through compassion.

Valcare cares about people living in poverty and supports caretakers and churches through information gathering and networking.

Core Values
Christ centered, Community- and development-oriented, Caring, Serving others, Care, Co-operation, Involvement, Trust, Respect.

In 1999 spiritual leaders from different denominations and a priest of the Roman Catholic Church started addressing the poverty issue, which had become unmanageable for individual congregations to handle.

After initial talks the issue was discussed in-depth at a seminar held in 2000 at the Dutch Reformed Church, Drakenstein. A need for co-ordination and networks in the Paarl-Franschhoek community was identified, since feedback from the community indicated that there was often confusion about what services were offered regarding poverty upliftment, where and how it was offered, and also by whom.

A subsequent investigation by a committee showed the need to such information to be extremely vital and thus it was decided to register Valcare as a trust, set up an office and the appointment of a public relations officer. The Valcare office officially opened on April 1 2003 and registration was finalized on July 30 2004 (No: IT2378/2004).