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Valhalla Park Animal Welfare

Valhalla Park Animal Welfare (also known as V-PAW) was born out of the ashes of Agstelaan, an informal settlement within Valhalla Park. The informal settlement was engulfed in flames on the morning of 23rd December, 2013. This left over 300 families displaced and a number of injured animals.
Following the initial assistance to both human and animals, it was found that the animal population was in dire need of assistance. This saw the establishment of Valhalla Park Animal Welfare with the aim of helping the township animals through Education, Sterilisation and Primary Medical Care.
Most pet owners want to do what is right for their pet, but often have to make a difficult choice between a meal on the table, and a much needed treatment for their pet. This is where our assistance is most needed and appreciated by the community.
Our activities include:
• Basic medical care;
• Feeding;
• Deworming treatments;
• Dipping of animals to avoid tick and flea infestation (this leads to serious medical conditions and can result in the death of an animal);
• Sterilisations to reduce the number of unwanted litters in the township;
• Education on animal health and pet care; and
• Emergencies - We avail ourselves when animals are injured or become ill. The animal will either be treated on site or taken to a facility for care.
The most expensive item in our budget is the cost of a sterilisation – averages at R400 per animal. To date, we have arranged in excess of 2200 animal sterilisations at no cost to the owners. This was possible due to the teamwork and dedication of everyone in the group.
Our Mission – to have a healthy animal population in the townships we work in, educated pet owners and to reduce the unwanted litters.