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Vanessa Marx

GloInGiving is a Registered Non Profit Organisation with NPO Number: 157-967.We assist individual families living in our suburbs within Gauteng (initially) that need our help and in order to keep them from having to move into one of our ever increasing squatter camps. We also assist and feed families living in the squatter camps/informal settlements where many senior citizens and minor children are living in terrible conditions. GloInGiving is managed by an energetic, passionate and competent team. Currently headed by Vanessa Marx (Chairman),Dalene Naude (Vice-Chairman),our team consists of like-minded individuals who have made it their life’s calling to help those in need.

A 2011 survey indicated that there were more than 80 thousand squatter camps around South Africa. Homeless shelters were included in this account. Today we have around 500 minority camps in S.A. In all the squatter camps, parents curse the political changes which have done little to actually address the equality between citizens which they are purported to support, and watch helplessly as their families live in squalid conditions.