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Veritas College International (SA)

2 Tim 2:2 “… and what you heard from me by many witnesses, entrust that to faithful people who will be able also to teach others …”

Veritas College International is an organisation whose mission is to serve the church in its various expressions on grass roots level around the world, based on its philosophy of Integrated Leadership Development (ILD) (TM). This mission is fulfilled by training church leaders and believers who will be able to train others, using a VCI licensed curriculum which contains approaches and methodologies to facilitate the following processes:

• Interpret the Bible in a practical and responsible way
• Apply the obtained absolutes of the Bible in a specific context
• Communicate the absolutes in the specific context

Through these three processes VCI promotes self-theologising (the doing of theology in context) that leads believers and churches to maturity which will be reflected in their lives and in their transforming influence on individuals and families in the church and on society at large, according to biblical absolutes.

VCI works internationally with a focus on areas where there is a need for practical, professional or academic biblical training and/or where time or resources are limited. VCI training takes place in existing churches of any denomination or in church planting situations. The training aims to be integrated into the life and ministry of the church and it is offered by VCI approved facilitators by invitation.