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Tree of Life

We are a church family committed to a life of following Jesus together in Manenberg. We don’t primarily aim to offer solutions to Manenberg’s problems, we simply seek to be a sign that another reality is possible when love is put at the centre.
We love Jesus, we love Manenberg and we love each other - these loves are our main motivation in cultivating a shared life of faith and hope.
We have 5 different projects as follows:
Cru62 - a transformational community house for HRY between ages 18-25 that is on drugs and in gangsterism.
JMSK - Community coffee shop.
Basila - An emerging girl's house for girls at risk between ages 14-18.
Skatties - ECD centre for children at risk, exposed to gansterism and abuse backgrounds.
MMCo - Film and Music studio reframing the narrative.