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Volunt Wildfire Service

The VWS has three primary functions:
1.Wildfire suppression services
2.Education and awareness programmes
3.Wildfire suppression and management training

These primary functions form part of our Integrated Wildfire Management services which also include:
Prescribed burning
Education programmes and projects at schools
Community projects

How We Operate
On standby to respond to fires and emergencies 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year – that’s how we work.

Our volunteers are just that – volunteers. They are extraordinary people who give of their time and energy to protect lives, property and our natural heritage. Most have day jobs, some are students, others run their own companies – but all are dedicated, motivated and highly-trained to ensure that our ultimate goal of wildfire suppression is taken care of.

There are various departments within the Volunteer Wildfire Services that operate dependently to ensure the smooth running of our unit. These departments include:

Fire Fighters
Control Room
Planning and Mobile Command
Logistics and Catering
Technical and Mechanical Services
Administration and Member Services