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Vukani Comunity Suport Centre

The concept of this organisation came at the back of a humble beginning by the president/founder Peter Yawe. He was born in Uganda but is now a resident of South Africa for 17 years, married and has three children. As a young student he was following the developments in this country during apartheid and had a passion to also play a role after his studies. (B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCES)

After moving to South Africa he realized that the people in their communities faced so many negative social challenges. This pushed him to also contribute with others in dealing with problems facing South Africa, mostly those that led to violent crime, lawlessness and idleness. Crime levels looked high and families and people had certain behavior that needed not only to be addressed but changed. Prior to his initiatives he had gone through a tough time for what he calls his (mistakes) ending up in prison for alleged fraud and violation of immigration law. The stint in prison led to his enhancement of his research about the social challenges that the country was facing. At this time the media covered a lot of victims of violent crime and it was at this point that he was convinced to do something given his experience and knowledge of many issues affecting Africans.

While in prison he gathered information from convicts and those on trial, he managed to get them to open up, revealing to him their background and criminal activities. Over the years he had spent time with the lowest, middle class and the rich in the country so as to know how society lives in the modern South Africa as compared to the rest of the world. After completing his research he decided to embark on programs and working with other organizations that would give him a platform to push his programs through, this was difficult because many of them did not either understand him or had a slightly different area of focus. At that point he started working on forming an organisation.

He met Blessing Hambakachere and together they developed a Business plan based on the work he had been preparing over the years. Different names were suggested and an agreement was reached that VUKANI COMMUNITY SUPPORT CENTER was an ideal name given the type of work they were planning to do. Vukani means ‘wake up people’